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At Chrastil and Steinberg, P.L.L.P., we provide assistance to employees who have been wrongfully fired from their jobs. Representing people employed throughout the Twin Cities metro, as well as Minnesota and western Wisconsin, our Minneapolis law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients in these often complex and stressful employment law matters.

If you have been fired in breach of your employment contract or contrary to the promises made by your employer, or if you have been fired because you exercised your rights to an FMLA or medical leave of absence, or workers' compensation benefits, or if you have treated unfairly because you refused an order to violate a law or a rule, contact Chrastil and Steinberg, P.L.L.P., for advice and representation.

Our clients include individual employees and union members who have been wrongfully terminated from many different types of jobs. From executives to white collar professionals in various fields, to blue collar workers, to engineers, computer programmers, drivers and factory workers, we tailor the approach we take to the facts of each case and the needs of each of our clients.

Wrongful Termination Based on Discrimination

While Minnesota law does not specifically provide for a general cause of action for "wrongful termination," there are several state, local and federal laws that protect employees from termination for illegal or unfair reasons such as race, age, gender, disability, color, religion, national origin, marital status and sexual orientation. Discrimination and harassment laws also protect you against retaliation for resisting or complaining about unlawful discrimination.

If you have been wrongfully harassed or fired from your job, you should know that you may be protected under state and federal laws like such as the Minnesota Human Rights Act, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Under these laws, it is illegal for employers to fire their employees based solely on race, gender or disability. Each case of discrimination has unique facts. It is often difficult to tell if a person has a valid claim without speaking directly with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

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